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CH Perzsi Cairstine Cassie Prime

Perzsi is a stunning seal silver lynxpoint  Scottish Straight. We are so happy to have her here all the way from Ukraine. She possesses a very sweet temperament a wonderful structure and a very dense and plush coat. She has made a wonderful addition to Starlas Cats Cattery. 

Muse Calista of Starlas

Calista is a beautiful black tortie and white Scottish Straight. We are so happy to have her in our program as she is the grand-daughter of our original breeders, Lover Boy and London Fog. Calista carries a color point gene, so some of her kittens will be color point.

Muse London Fog of Starlas (Queen Emeritus)

London Fog is a beautiful black golden shaded torbie and white British Shorthair. She has been a wonderful breeder for us, and she is now enjoying the easy life of a pet in our home.

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